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"Carolyn's imaginative imagery transports me into a whimsical fairy-tale filled with deep connection and important lessons. She ease-fully expresses the large extent of an emotion while keeping up a very delightful and lighthearted disposition throughout her set. Sharing in the experience of her music is a one-of-a-kind opportunity no one should miss."

-Kit Solowy, friend and fan

Oakland, CA

“Carolyn performs pieces skillfully pairing form and content.  Many celebrate intimacies, some even confessional, without becoming melodramatic or predictable. A zesty, upbeat mood dominates these song-stories of love, whether reciprocated or unrequited, they contain true pleasures to share.”

-Chuck Herndon, audience member

Oakland, CA

The first things that come to mind are: beautiful melodies & gorgeous voice!


Some songs were fun, some were funny, some were heartbreakingly sad, some were achingly beautiful love songs, 


I love how words and music are always inseparably entwined in conveying a feeling – of love, heartbreak, fun, affirmation of life.

Beth Sherman, fan

Oakland, CA

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