Carolyn Arnold is a singer, songwriter and pianist in Berkeley, California.  She writes songs in an alternative pop style, similar to Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant and Tori Amos with rich and sweet high soprano vocals and lyrics full of metaphor, human connection and fantasy.  Friends have described the quality of her voice as “angelic.”


Carolyn’s first record of original work was produced by recording engineer and musician Benji Marx and released July 29th 2016.  The record includes 5 songs, all but one written 8-10 years ago.  The songs follow a character through an inner and outer journey of exploration.  She explores love, relationships, human connection, forbidden fantasies and the fear and exhilaration that come with opening herself to the world.


Carolyn’s latest project is a full-length album that was made from live recordings of 5 house concerts she did in January and February of 2017.  This album is currently in the mixing stage and will be finished by March of this year.


From a very young age Carolyn was surrounded by music.  She sang with her family, studied classical piano, violin and voice through her youth, and began writing songs at age 22.  Her roots are primarily in folk music of various kinds: Southern Appalachian, Blues, Folk Revival artists of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, and Eastern European folk.  She played fiddle, guitar and banjo in several folk and bluegrass bands from 2005-2011.  She has also studied 1930's Jazz extensively, as well as Broadway show tunes. Currently she is studying opera.


In 2011 due to tendonitis and a desire to focus on her own songwriting, she stopped playing strings and turned back to the piano, and to her voice.  She taught herself to play piano again, to sight-read, and improvise.  She studied with two different voice teachers, learned Jazz standard repertoire, classical art songs and Broadway tunes to strengthen her singing.  She took college courses in music theory and musicianship to gain a wider variety of tools with which to approach her own material.  She also transferred all of her songs written for guitar, to piano, and wrote parts for them.  Her self-released first original record is the culmination of 5 years of hard work and study.


In addition, Carolyn is currently singing in Resmiranda, a classical vocal ensemble based in Berkeley, CA, and directed by renowned classical singer and teacher Renee Fladen-Kamm.  Her plans for the future include touring her original work in the US, and internationally.


Carolyn’s purpose in music and in life is to inspire joy, love and connection in herself and others.  She hopes that her music deeply affects people, and spreads positive energy throughout the world.

"Carolyn's imaginative imagery transports me into a whimsical fairytale filled with deep connection and important lessons. She ease-fully expresses the large extent of an emotion while keeping up a very delightful and lighthearted disposition throughout her set. Sharing in the experience of her music is a one-of-a-kind opportunity no one should miss."

-Kit Solowy, friend and fan



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